Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Our energy management advisors have subject-matter expertise in HVAC, lighting, mechanical systems, building automation, and energy management systems.  These energy experts are committed to delivering value to your daily business operations by evaluating these systems and processes and accurately reporting, measuring, and interpreting the results in a clear and easy to understand format.  

Gain insights from energy data intelligence

As with all of our product and service offerings, we start with understanding your energy data. Utilizing our Energy Manager Assistant portal, our energy advisors are able to trend and analyze your energy and facility data to provide actionable intelligence for you to make informed business decisions. Once this analysis and benchmarking process has been completed, you can make sound decisions on the allocation of resources and capital for energy efficiency improvements.

Provide energy conservation measure recommendations

Once an assessment of the energy data is completed, a site survey of the building can be conducted by one of our energy advisors. This site survey includes an overall assessment of the building envelope, mechanical, electrical, lighting and related control systems as well as comfort levels and occupancy profiles.

The primary objective of the walk-through is to identify energy savings opportunities and make a recommendation for energy conservation measures. Customers that have acted upon our recommendations have saved up to 20% of their annual energy usage.